DeVry University Online ExCom meeting

Columbus , Ohio, United States, Virtual:

DeVry University IEEE Student Branch ExCom meeting Agenda: - Attendance: (If you cannot attend, make sure to address your agenda items by communicating any information, opinions, ideas, and decisions that you have with the rest of the committee via email and/or ask another member to cover your topics.) - Bryant Farrow (Chair) - Kyrenia Andrade Avila (Vice-Chair) - Megan Smith (Secretary) - Justin Mains (Treasurer) - Laedenia Jewell (Public Relations Officer) - Devin Hirschenhofer (Program Chair) - George Cedar (Robotics Committee Chair) - James Beers (Programming Committee Chair) - Traver Yates (Networking Committee Chair) - Professor John Golzy (Branch Counselor) - Ian Oberdorf (Supervising Webmin) - Call to Order: - Review 10/4/2021 meeting minutes -Laedenia - Officer Reports - Chair report -Bryant - Vice-Chair report -Kyrenia - Treasurer report -Justin - Secretary report -Megan - Public Relations Officer report -Laedenia - Committee Reports - Program Chair report -Devin - Robotics Committee -George - Programming Committee -James - Networking Committee -Traver - Unfinished Business: - (8/12/21) Email from Professor Gozly -John - Membership email on regional and sectional activities and info - IEEE region student representatives - Creating a more agile agenda - Sub-committees? - Action item list separate from the agenda? - Bi-weekly meetings? - Programming Committee -James - Meeting schedule - Next meeting topics: HTML with tags cross cite scripting - DVUO IEEE website, Discord, and general outreach - Add survey and Discord links to website -Ian & John - Update on Laedenia becoming the official webmaster -John & Ian - Videos, media, Discord etc. -Kyrenia - Speakers and presentations - Robotics speaker -John - Guest speaker list update for Devin - WIE -Megan - Pajama party? - IEEE Columbus Monthly ExCom - 3D printer proposal -Devin, George, and Bryant - Proposal review - PowerPoint review - Branch Counselor approval -John - 10/19 meeting - Attendance: - At least Bryant, Laedenia, Devin, James will attend - George, Justin and Professor Golzy would be helpful as well - All are invited of course - Computer Networking, IoT Group/Committee -Traver and Bryant - Networking Committee Chair Oath of Office -Traver and Bryant - Meeting schedule -Traver - Meeting topics -Traver - New Business: - General Discussion: - Announcements: - Adjournment: Columbus , Ohio, United States, Virtual: