Collabratec is a tool made available through IEEE that provides storage space to IEEE members during projects. IEEE Columbus has decided the use of this tool to serve as an archive for Sectional files and events.

If you have already been granted access and are trying to access the environment click here.

Prior to requesting access we ask that you read the following.

Columbus Section Collabratec Use Policy

Author: Ian Oberdorf (


To those seeking access to the IEEE Columbus Section Collabratec environment we ask that you read the following guidelines prior to accessing. Failure to follow these guidelines will result in denial of access to the environment.


  • Who has access
      1. The owner of the collabratec environment shall be the current acting web administrator of the Columbus section. In the event that the web administrator will be leaving IEEE or the section they are responsible to pass the ownership to the current acting sectional chair or the replacement web administrator.
      2. All members of the section executive committee have rights to all files except those dedicated to secret clearance like audits and treasury files. The folders where such files are stored are to be locked to all except those who need access.
      3. Columbus Section chapter chairs including student branch chairs and supervisors.
  • Administrators
      1. Collabratec administrators are to be limited to the Web Administrator, the active Chair, and the active Vice Chair.
  • Administrator Responsibilities
      1. Creation of folders.
      2. Permitting access to environment.
      3. Deletion of improper uploads.
      4. Organization of file placement.
  • Permissions
      1. Members with access to the environment have rights to upload documents but must ensure they are properly filed in appropriate folders. In the event a proper folder doesn’t exist the file may still be uploaded but a message must be sent to one of the administrators requesting a new file be made.
  • Don’ts
    1. Edit files without owners consent.
    2. Delete Files you do not own.
    3. Attempt to access Locked folders.