Joining IEEE

IEEE membership is open to both students and professionals. Join the world’s largest technical professional association via an IEEE and/or IEEE society memberships. Through these memberships, you can stay current in your chosen technology profession, keep in touch with your peers, and invest in your career advancement. It’s an easy process to join.

Membership in IEEE is open to individuals who, by education -or- experience, give evidence of competence in an IEEE designated field:

  • Engineering,
  • Computer Sciences and Information Technology,
  • Physical Sciences,
  • Biological and Medical Sciences,
  • Mathematics,
  • Technical Communications,
  • Education,
  • Management, and
  • Law and Policy.

Dues for 2020

Residence Member
Full Year
Half Year*
Full Year
Half Year*
United States $208.00
$32.00 $16.00

*Half year rates apply to new members only.

  • IEEE membership year runs from Jan 1 through Dec 31.
  • NEW applications received between Aug 16 and Feb 28 will automatically be processed at the full year dues rates. Services begin immediately.
  • NEW applications received between Mar 1 and Aug 15 will automatically be processed for half-year membership ending 31 Dec of the same year at the half-year dues rates.
  • Membership in IEEE Technical Societies involves additional dues.  See the table on the “Dues” link above for information on Society membership dues.

Contiguous Section Affiliation

If you are a member of the a neighboring section but wish to be a member of the IEEE Dayton Section, follow the instructions to request a change of section affiliation


IEEE Elevator Speech

IEEE is the world’s largest professional association advancing technology for the benefit of humanity. It publishes technical journals, sponsors conferences, develops technology standards, and supports the professional interests of more than 400,000 members.

Member Get a Member (MGM) Program:  Invite someone to Join IEEE and receive $15 off next year’s dues, up to $90 off.